Kambo Travel Agency commands a significant percentage in the regions air ticketing business and partnering with almost all the flight companies like Kenya Airways, British Airways, Qatar Airways Emirates Airline, KLM Royal, Dutch Airline and all domestic airlines ib Africa.
As we are located in Nairobi City, we do stand out as one of the best company in Air Ticketing, we not only do International but we also do domestic ticketing as we do negotiate for our clients the best rates in various airline companies such as Kenya Airways, East African Airlines, Jet Link and Fly 540 airlines.
For effective and efficient service to our clients we have installed all the necessary air ticketing facilities in our offices thus everything is done in our offices, for our online users u can use the form on the right side to reserve your ticket fill in where necessary and then submit to our inbox .
Due to our experience in tour and travel industry we offer travel guidance to guide our clientele in:
Acquiring Passport and its renewal.
Areas where they have issued travel bans.
Issuing information concerning tours and travel in western Kenya.


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